Week 1 – Templeton

I sat down thinking about to watch the movie “42’ thinking about how far the United states has come in terms of slavery, gender equality to same sex marriages. I was excited to watch this movie and am glad that I watched it. Growing up I never witnessed an abundant amount of racism. No more than any other race including, Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, Native American and so forth. I am educated on the hardships people of different beliefs or race faced from a textbook stand point. For those of you who are not familiar with the movie “42’ it is about Jackie Robinson, the first Black Baseball player to play in the major leagues. One man, Branch Rickey had the idea to change the name of the game by scouting out a black baseball player and stumbled upon Mr. Robinson. This is back in the mid 1940’s if I’m not mistaken. At such a time whites didn’t even share bathrooms with “colored’ people let alone play on the same athletic teams together. Mr. Robinson truly persevered when many were to scared to. During the film you see even the team makes on the minor leagues teams not thrilled to play with a great ball player when that’s all that should matter. Even the coach of the minor league teach was closed minded and Mr. Rickey had to set him straight. Then when Mr. Robinson turned out to be really great. Great enough for the Brooklyn Dodgers he joined the team. Most of his own teammates even petitioned that they wouldn’t play on the same team as Mr. Robinson, “it just wasn’t right.’ Thankfully, through the controversy, trials and tribulations that Mr. Robinson faced such as death threat letters by the ton and opposing teams and merely all fans badgering him with negativity he did his best to keep his composure and not feed into it and persevered.   Of course, this movie changed my view on the world. Sure there are a number of movies out there like this but it still somehow shocks me how inhuman people can be and how ignorant   as well. I know better than to say racism isn’t a problem because it is still today like a number of things but one day at a time we can do our best to create a more accepting positive future for those to come after us. It its beautiful to me that today we are legalizing same sex marriages in certain parts of the world and of the united states. I truly believe in a complete equality. After the movie I read something that said, “ I am an ally. I am not Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Pansexual, Intersex or Asexual. I just support this crazy thought that everyone should have equal rights.’ This most certainly not only applies to sexual orientation but racism. This movie made me see how far we have come and think about how far we still have to go but I am thankful that we are making progress regardless how fast or slow it takes place.