Week 2- Templeton

I really want to talk about books but maybe taking the lead from last week’s topic of watching the movie “42’ still ties into this topic. A huge problem with media is looking at what is considered to be acceptable and for what type of audience. I don’t think small children should be watching shows with fornication or violence. However, that being said, I also disagree with sheltering and hiding the bad in the world.  Such as, violence and making it all seem as if everything is hunky dory so to speak. All audiences need to be aware that there are bad in this world. When I went out into the world on my own I knew it to be a good place. When I lived in Seattle I had to lock my car door everywhere I went and my windows in my apartment that was strange to me. My dad even asked me if I had a gun hidden for safety…UM NO-why do I need a gun… my brain couldn’t help but think is the world really that bad of a place? (Mind you I was 19 years old at the time.) I think movies such as “42,’ that show cruelty to other humans in a verbally abusive manner is not something we should shelter youth from. I don’t see how many people could see such abuse and think… yes this is an acceptable way to treat another human.

Seeing films such as these are beneficial to society because until you see it for yourself you might really have no prior idea how truly bad it may have been for people back then or even now days. I’m a firm believer that to create a better future we need to understand or past short comings as a nation and start there. I don’t agree that movies are always the best way to demonstrate such ideals to an audience but we all learn differently. Therefore, in order to really grab the attention of people from all different spectrums, films are most certainly necessary to demonstrate not only race issues, but for example learning about nature, wild life and all other sorts of things. I don’t know about you but I recall sitting in class and remembering getting existed when the teacher let us watch a film about whales in zoology or about bacteria in biology class. Instead of reading about it in the book it came to life after we read about it. Putting and image to what you are reading about is very beneficial, especially for people like me who are visual learners.

To cut films out of society is to take away another way for people to learn or interact with their imagination. Films are even another way that we can place ourselves into the shoes of the character just like in books. As humans we relate to things and find enjoyment in that. This is yet another reason why films are beneficial to our society and should not be considered a wasteland.

To discuss briefly, product placement in movies…I am not a fan of it… they do not get past me. However, if we are being realistic funding a film can be absurdly expensive and by allowing a company to pay them to place their product in their film is it really harming society so badly that we should just not produce films at all? I understand that we become geared to desire things the media of all kinds tells us we need.   However, isn’t that why classes such as mass communications are so important so that we can learn to see these things, identify them and not fall victim to it their cause?