Week 1- Jay

I usually tend to be limited on time to sit down and enjoy a television show or a popular movie as mush as when I was younger, life finds a way to consume hours of the day faster than I can utilize them. So when I do happen upon time in which can be spent enthralled by a thrilling TV drama or a action packed movie I attempt for it to be a good one, or so I can only hope. I recently was introduced to the television phenomena  Breaking Bad  since apparently I have “not lived” since I see one of the most popular TV dramas in decades. I would hear talk from coworkers and friends that this show was addicting and “once you watch a few episodes your hooked”, similar to the shows topic of underground Meth distribution. While before I was never all that intrigued about the dark, drug based show, mainly from my perception of main character Brian Cranston aka Walter White being one of my favorite characters from his early days as Hal in Malcolm in the Middle, it was difficult to see him as a powerful drug lord. Finally a coworker gave me the first season and I reluctantly gave it a shot.

From the first episode the chaos and intense anxiety that the problems in which Walter White faces pulls the audience in and grabs hold while making you beg for more the second the credits begin to roll. It is not often that a show can get my heart racing and you are truly worried for the potential outcome that White faces as well as questioning why you feel so whole heartedly for such a devious and evil purpose. I believe the relationship that Walter has not only with his loved one around him but as well as his “cooking” partner Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul, he struggles to find a happy medium between both lives and this creates the drama and hardship that pulls the audience in. This simple fact that almost everyone feels the struggle of keeping personal and professional lives separate, possibly friends and coworkers, there is always a struggle with the right and wrong and good and evil that we can relate with.

Since I am still only beginning the journey into Breaking Bad I am sure I have yet to experience all of the trials and tribulations that Walter will face but I can understand the public appeal, while having no trouble forgetting about quirky Hal for which Brian Cranston is known for. Even without knowing what happens in later seasons I am already excited but saddened but the fact that the show is ending since it truly is one of the best TV dramas I have seen in quite some time. The harsh reality is that I may have been missing out on many other TV shows I have not given an adequate chance and will have to revisit in order to see what all the hype is about. At least I can follow when people discuss Heisenberg.