Week #2 – Sirena

As there are negative messages in the media, there is also positive ones. Although it may not seem like it with the constant badgering of beauty products, partying lifestyles, and a sex-fueled culture, take time to think about those “feel good” movies or TV shows. You know, the ones where the bad guy goes good, so-and-so turns their life around, or suddenly Ms. Miller figures out she’s been living her life all wrong. The one in particular that I’m thinking about is “The Blind Side.” This extraordinary movie is based on a true story and follows the life of a black man named Michael Oher, who is taken into the kind homes of a white, wealthy family and ends up becoming a first draft, All-American football player. Movies like this defy the “blacks can’t do anything” stereotype, and it holds the belief that as long as you possess the characteristics of hard work and hope, anything can happen (as cheesy as that sounds).

Another example of positive influence in the media is the rapper Lupe Fiasco. He’s a little outdated now, but he is a stronger supporter of the first and the fifteenth amendments. There is little-to-no cussing in his wraps, and with songs like “The Show Goes On,” he sings about his support to the kids in the ghetto and want to get away from the bad influences there to make something better of themselves. Instead of rapping about gangstas and poppin’ Mollies, he talks about giving his thanks up to God and how we need to change the way we think as a country. He is a very inspiring rapper out there for the kids targeted for – excuse my language – fucking up, partying too much, and, in the end result, serving jail time.

Although my last post was focused on the negative experiences I have had from society, there are also positive experiences that I have gained. In reference to body image, there are powerful, not-stick-thin actresses that are successful and have good qualities of a strong woman who shows other women it’s okay not to conform to unrealistic female images in the media. Examples of females like this are Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, and America Ferrara. They convince movie / TV show watchers and listeners that it’s okay to be tough, and depend on yourself, not anyone else. Listening to their music and watching their shows help me, and other females, to know that it’s okay not to be gorgeous with frail bones and an eating disorder. It’s very important for other females to gain this kind of positivity in their lives.