Week 1 – Lara

I’ve recently watched “The Darjeeling Limited” by Wes Anderson. As a fan of most Wes Anderson movies I was surprised I missed this gem but I generally don’t keep up too well with things so it wasn’t too much of a surprise. I also had watched “Moonrise Kingdom” not but a week before I watched this beauty and was also in love with that film. I think it’s the way they are put together that really clicks with me. “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou” is also another favorite. But with no expectations about this movie and not knowing anything about who was in it or what it was about, I put the movie in!  I knew I was going to be watching a good one as soon as the movie started seeing Adrian Brody and Bill Murray!! The slow mo train catching and the soundtrack was a perfect way to start the story.

Music being a big part of how a movie is felt, I was instantly drawn to how well the images meshed with the music. I love how different countries have a tendency to mix their own traditional sounds in with what we know as modern music and the sound track here is delightful. After the movie finished I listened to the soundtrack many times and still continue to listen to this great compilation often! Also when I started listening to the soundtrack I noticed that a lot of the music included were from previous Indian films. How cool is that to incorporate those sounds in with such a film. Good job Wes!

I knew India was beautiful and relationships are difficult, but this movie really brought both home to me. Not expecting much from it, I was really pleased by the end of the film. I felt a desire to learn more about India and maybe even try to take a trip similar to the one the brother’s took. Maybe without the stress of family related problems and having a snake on board, but that’s all apart of a journey too! This film really did make me want to go to India and experience their culture. It wasn’t too high on my places to travel list until after I watched this. It’s definitely on the books now for a visit in the nearer future!

This movie to me is one that I could continue to watch over and over again. I loved everything about it and how it resonated with me and my view of the world. I’m not sure I would say it changed my view on anything, rather maybe confirmed some things and helped to broaden my horizons a little. It was an enjoyable film and one I would recommend to others, especially if they like their films a little quirky and beautiful.