Week 2- Jay

For the past summer I spent an hour driving to and from work which meant spending a lot of time in the car by myself. After days of the same old song being played on the radio one begins to go a little insane and starts a search for something more engaging. I had never really listened to a lot of National Public Radio, NPR, but simply listening to enlightening conversations rather than the endless 5 pops songs played on a loop I was intrigued. NPR, especially here in Alaska is a great way to not only learn about some of the small percentage of amazing thing going on but keeps a worldly context as well. During the summer moths listening to the impact of oil refineries on commercial fishing to environmental agencies working on wildlife near the anchorage area it was a great way to learn about this amazing state I had just become a part of. Not only big studies and work being done in the state but even great local events and charities making such a huge impact on Anchorage and nearby areas it was great to hear how connected the communities are up here.

National Public Radio also kept me up to date on happenings around the world which I had gotten away from since I left school in Colorado. I used to make it a habit of reading the paper and catching up on news and events that not only had an national credit but global issues which would look at multiple viewpoints as well. The shows and information that NPR provides its listeners is a great source for local and global information. While not every program was enjoyable to listen to, such as anything you have to sort of take the good with the bad. We tend to get wrapped up in an organization that leans one way or the other but NPR, while still can be one sided I believe still does a fair job at keeping the discussion on a fairly level playing field, but this may depend on who you ask.

When compared to many other forms of media today NPR still remains a place that can be used for educational information, local, and global issues. Not simply from harsh global issues but they also cover great advancements in all topics including science, teaching, technology, etc. NPR offers listeners a broad spectrum of programs that can not only engage while spending time in the car but also create a conversation in other forms simply by the interaction and interesting topics. More that once have I entered the workplace and a topic was being discussed that I was listening to on NPR mere hours before due to its local influence or overall enthralling subject. It allows people to not only listen to views on a subject but also, I believe, build a strong environment in which people can discuss these issues in a more open manner.

NPR does not solely confine itself to serious and global issues and at time can find itself in more humor based and playful topics that also can bring a smile to the average listener. The persona that NPR is an uptight conservative radio station can still hold true but since its conception NPR has become a more well rounded station. As the youth becomes more attached to the technology in their hand than what they can listen to or read it is harder to keep them engaged. I still find that NPR is a great news source for not only local but global topics. While radio is slowly seeing its decline it is still consoling to know that NPR is out there remaining a reliable name is news and information.