Week 5- Assignment Templeton

I’m not sure what this might mean for television programs in the future because I am having hard time truly understanding how it would work… Sometimes I watch things I don’t like but I have to finish them. So I feel as if it would be slightly frustrating to have something continuously changing the channel on me. I could see that it might aid in television program ratings. I have a feeling this might be hard for me to come up with 700 words about considering I have so many questions on how it could operate and actually be useful. For example, when I go to visit my godson and he is pounding around on the couch singing along to one of his “educational children shows’ how this program might become a nuisance. How does it know whose body language to read etc. Sure it seem slightly exciting because it a new advancement in the technological world but how would it actually work. I mean if I am sitting down to watch TV and the TV I’m assuming with also know that I am sitting down to watch it and turn its self on where would the channel surfing start. What If you wanted to watch two things at the same time and you cannot click back and forth through them as my step mother often does. I suppose this could be both a great thing and a bad thing for television programs because it would learn who liked it and who didn’t. Maybe certain shows might not have lasted as long if this had been invented prior example… “Friends’ this show ran for SO many episodes. Instead of having all positive feedback from viewers it would also come a crossed the people who might not have liked it. I have recently been introduced to the “Big Bang Theory’ and I rather enjoy it from time to time but I loathe “The office’ and I don’t even know why. I just simply do not like it. Is the program going to pick up on that? Will it know what kind of Television watching mood I am going to be in? How would it know where to start? Will the channel change every time someone is frightened? Like I said I have so many questions I feel I would need to know more to really be able to elaborate on how I foresee this changing the Television Programming Industry. I do of course think it would change things. The few that I have listed is all that I can think of with the bit of knowledge about such a creation that I can muster up. Maybe another one might be when there are the television shows that have the audience vote for its favorite contestant maybe it will change the television programming industry in the sense that it might be able to automatically submit your vote off of your body language? That’s perhaps another possibility. I just don’t foresee body Language being a form of mind reading. She wants to watch… such and such program because of her posture? Call me skeptical but I just don’t understand. I totally think this is something that in the nick of time would def be produced and experimented with due to how our media and technology have really grown over the years. I mean you can watch television episodes on your phone if you wanted, who would have thought that day would come when the First cell phone came out and it was that huge satellite looking boxy phone. I most certainly did not.