Week #5

One of the most intoxicating forms of media is the television set and its warm glow can be found in just about every home in America. Families crowd around them and tune in for their favorite shows, sports, news and movies. The magical box that provides you with endless entertainment and escape from the boring realities we face everyday. It used to be a rare thing for a household to have a television and simply tuning in for a weekly show was a treat for everyone to watch, now it has become a way of life. While access to news and entertainment has become easy it also creates a easy disconnect from the world and further encompassment into the cyber world.

Technology, especially within the media world, has come leaps and bounds in the last 20 years even. Now you can watch live television shows on a mobile devise while chatting with a friend across the country and all while on the way to work. Media has not only become mobile and personal it has become intuitive. We can utilize technology to not only stay connected but now it is becoming common place for your mobile devises to not only provide you with entertain but begin to learn and adapt to you as an individual. Custom profiles for how we search the web designed to suggest things similar to what we are interested in or places we would like to go. Even a sweet talking computer generated voice that can tell you a restaurant you will enjoy. Technology is becoming an extension of each of us on a daily basis.

So when does technology start to go too far or know us better than any other person would ever be able to and ¬†where will we draw the line? I understand the drive towards a more personalized experience when it comes to the way I enjoy media but I don’t know if I want a computer knowing everything about me. With a television that can choose shows based upon what I have liked it creates a unique viewing environment for each individual and offers a person more choices when it comes to relaxing behind the ol’ boob tube. As the technology begins to “understand” you better is it going to indulge a person too much and make it easy to fall into a cyber world while forgetting that there is so much out there to experience.

I myself enjoy sitting down and watching enticing television dramas and let loose with whole hearted comedies but I would not consider myself a regular “T.V.” enthusiast. That may be due to that fact I have been a poor college student for many years now or that when I do happen do have some money the last thing I would spend it on is a new flat screen. Really a television that could then build a view platform that would be custom to my personal favorites would be interesting but nothing I would be first in line for at the store. The idea behind the customized entertainment is a new and developing one but I believe could have some useful benefits.

Being able to make an environment personalized for each individual and create a cyber world that is built for them would not only allow the person an enveloping experience but and interactive one as well. The combination of body language interaction pulls the person into a full 3D world and entertainment could then be based upon what a person is feeling and expressing. When factors such as these get added with the recent expansion into 3D technology a person will soon be able to walk into a story and see it unfold in front of them simply by how they interact within it. The issue that may be faced will be how to re-enter reality when world and stories that are projected personally for each of us our reality wont be able to compete. Technology even since I was a young kid has progressed leaps and bounds and where it will be when I have kids of my own I have no idea how to keep up with them. As for now I can still find a way to hit the power button and disconnect myself from the digital world.