Week 11 Assignment

Dear computers, this is your local Pen and Paper Company, we are excited that you have joined us. However, we have a few concerns. Your systems are taking over the population. No one wants to write with a pen or pencil anymore. We are worries that their lack of exercising their writing skills will lead to the population’s hands growing weak for lack of muscle stimulation and fall off. Not to mention, now not only do people have to worry about losing the physical ability to write and their hands all together but people such as us are now able to write you an angry note. This angry note showing our resentment and annoyance without having to think about what it is we are actually saying and send you an otherwise angry letter. Nor are we able to think about our actions before we send our letters off.  And once we have there is no way to retrieve it like and angry letter written by and sent by mail. Not only have you   come alone and stole our poets, newspapers, screenplay writers, and our novelist but now you have also been helping people use what’s now known as the internet. You see this chain of events have lead us to our frustration with you and would not like to accept you into our community.
What are we to do about all of the paper lying around, not to mention the writing utensils? They are all virtually useless now that you have stolen from us.  What are we to do with all of the mail processors? Will they be forced out of a job? What will our medical professionals do to help patients with missing hands as theirs will also be missing. You see, your existence has doomed us all. Not only are we concerned for personal reason but also for global reasons. We request that you cease and desist before we send our factory workers after your factory workers and see who ends up on top.

Yours truly,
Pen and Paper Company.
…also speaking for the mail carriers and processors.