Week 1 Post – ‘How Mass Media Influences Me’ – Jay Fulk

Obviously mass media is there to influence us one way or another. Whether it’s a good or bad influence doesn’t really matter a whole lot. I have a few TV shows that I watch quite religiously with my wife, and after watching them, I do get some different feelings that otherwise wouldn’t be elicited in my every day normal life. One of my favorite’s  to watch is Law & Order: SVU. This TV show rises emotions out of me and makes me want to start  law  school already, so that I can assist  helpless  victims in my own way and capacity as a lawyer. Aside from being very entertaining, this show is especially for folks that are aspiring law enforcement  and  lawyers. After watching an episode of SVU, I usually get out my law book and start reading from it immediately. My wife thinks that I’m weird for doing so, but the law intrigues me a great deal.  It’s always very interesting for me to see how this TV show has the lawyers interpret the law in certain cases. I sometimes find myself trying to research on my own and see if they were correct in their interpretation during a particular episode. In a way, watching Law and Order: SVU is a very educational experience for me. For others, it just may be pure entertainment, but I get something more out of it than these folks. It’s good practice for me to get my mind to start thinking like a lawyer, which is much different than how I’m used to thinking.

I also watch a show called Income Properties and it’s of great interest to me as well. My wife and I own a duplex and this TV show always has us wanting to go buy another duplex or a triplex. We also start compiling a list of things that we want to improve around our current duplex. Projects, I might add, that usually never come to fruition. Mass media definitely has a grip on us and it’s up to us to have the final say in how it affects us, whether it be good or bad. I also tend to think about waking up to go to school on September 11, 2001 and watching the news coverage of the attacks on the World Trade Center. That day, mass media gave the world a lot of emotion to generate from watching the news.