Week 1 Post: How the Mass Media Has Affected Me

Believe or not the media affects even the youngest minds in this country. It’s hard to not become engulfed or consumed by the media since these days information is accessible with the click of a button. From keeping up to date with new trends, news, and the latest gossip, even the most productive minds can become shackled. This has even affected me personally. In 8th grade my parents decided to enroll me in online classes, they had the assumption that I could complete the school year early and have as much free time I want to myself.

I soon found out that there can be “too much” free time. I found myself missing my close friends dearly, and I felt like I needed to always know how they were doing because I wasn’t in school anymore. I also found myself knowing and repeating useless information such as which celebrities lost weight, who had drug addiction problems, and things that just didn’t affect my life personally. Or did they?

I became very self conscious , in middle school I was very active and online schooling brought my activity and exercise to a screeching halt. I began to compare myself with the people I saw on the television and in magazines. Emotional eating didn’t help my problem much. Alot of my time was taken up by scrolling through social sites and I just became completely unproductive. I was extremely displeased that I gained so much weight in such little time. This manifested into depression and took on a form of its own.

I transformed into a completely different person, the media can affect your mind and make you question everything about yourself. It’s sad that this is what such a beautiful spread of information can become, but everything in mass media is not negative. I eventually healed by realizing my self worth but I began to consider this: was media seriously ┬áthe root of my problem?