Week 1: How Mass Media Has Influenced Myself and Those Around Me

I love movies. No, that is an understatement, movies MOVE me. Yes, I feel better when I read, but watching  movies will always be on top of my “things I want to do today” list. They are and always will be my  absolute favorite form of media. And yes, I am the biggest sucker for sappy movies that leave everyone in tears. If a film can mess with  my emotional stability it will quickly become a favorite. I admit it! I’m an emotional movie junkie and I am proud!

The  first film to ever ruin my heart for any and all things was Jim Carey’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I was still very young, only 12 when I sat down with my older sisters to watch the tear jerker, and even now thinking about it I get the same feeling of emptiness as I did when I had  first saw my favorite actor crying on screen. To witness a relationship crumple and  to see a display of crippling heartbreak moved something in me, and ultimately made me feel so wrong about how I viewed happiness. While the story didn’t have a very solid or joyful ending, it taught me that people aren’t  permanent in  our lives like we daydream they are. Alright, so it might have even made a little girl a pessimist and critic, but it had to happen sometime, right?