Week 1: ‘The Impact of Media’

Being born into a family where my mother could master any instrument with only a day of fiddling, and an elder brother who could out drum most modern rock bands out there, I was most unfortunate to be the only one born in my family with very little, if any, musical talent. This inability to play musical instruments, however, did not stunt my appreciation for music. If anything my lack of talent allowed me to relate to more verities of music and marvel in something that seemed so impossible for myself to create. Music was always a way for me to hear the emotions I was feeling from someone else’s mouth and finger tips.

After dealing with the struggle of changing middle schools, listening to music quickly became a medium in which I could express my feelings towards this new and unfamiliar place. Simple Plan’s ‘I’m just a Kid’ would help me get through the days I was struggling to make new friends. Eventually, after getting fully settled, I finally found myself a girlfriend and we both felt the easiest way to express our feelings towards each other was by dubbing “our song” as Cascada’s ‘Every Time we Touch’.

Even as I’ve continued to grow music has maintained an important place in my life. From motivating me to go to the gym more often to helping me get through a rough day, the lyrics and instruments of each song I’ve heard have resonated with me emotionally in more than one way.