Amanda Valentine–The impact of the media

I can remember many times the media, at first books, then TV and movies, have impacted me in some way.   As a little girl, I remember watching the movie Dirty Dancing and thinking that I wanted a guy like Patrick Swayze in my life.   Then as I got older, I would read books and watch tv shows and the ones about horses and animals made me want to be a vet so I could work with them all the time.   Later, in my adult years, a show called CSI, I’m sure you’ve heard of it, first aired.   Within a few years of first watching this show, I signed up for classes at the community college where I lived at the time.   I wanted to be one of the CSIs on the show, so I began coursework to get a criminal justice degree.   The only thing that stopped me from finishing it was the number of science classes involved in completing that degree.   Especially if you wanted to work in the crime lab, the show doesn’t tell you that the majority of those people in the the labs are all scientists in some way or another.   I suck as science, although I did try to get better at it.   I only last through one science class, I passed but barely.   So that’s my story, how media has impacted me in some way.