Week 1 Danielle Atkins

I recently started watching this show; Under the Dome.   The show is about this town that gets trapped under this shield that prevents anyone from leaving or entering the town Chester’s Mill.   As mayhem enters the story the characters are faced with obstacles that will challenge their will and their morals.   As resources dwindle and tensions rise, the residents of Chester’s Mill begin to panic.   A struggle for power begins and the death toll rises.

I believe that even though the town and all the residents are cut off from the outside world that there is still a flow of information happening.   I think that watching this show makes me think about what if there is some apocalyptic event or something catastrophic that might happen.  What would happen to me, my friends and family?  Would we survive?   Would we be killed by other survivors to prolong their survival?

The residents of the town are constantly being pushed to their limits and eventually they break.   Some prove to stand tall and stick to their morals while others do the unthinkable just to survive another day in Chester’s Mill.  No matter how strong you think your will is, someone’s is always stronger.  This show displays how power can go to your head and make you think you are the solution and makes you want to prove that you can save everyone while you end up just making things worse and causing new problems.

As the show goes on you come to learn that the government might be involved with the design of the dome and its implementation.   This kind of thinking doesn’t shock me.   There have always been those who believe the government doesn’t think or act in the best interest of the people.   This show furthers those thoughts because people are trying to escape from the dome and if they manage to do just that government agents are then trying to capture you as soon as they can.   They are only interested in gaining further information from you and preventing you from interacting with the public and exposing them.

Before watching this show I have always had the thoughts that something catastrophic would eventually happen to the world; that’s nature taking its course right?  You think about your emergency action plan.   Who can you really trust when things go south?   These are all thoughts that the characters have and must answer.   You need the right people on your side if you are to survive.   You must act smart and strategically and stay a few steps ahead of the other players.

As things continue to get worse inside the dome, residents’ band together to make sure everyone has food and fuel to have power in their homes.   This is where I disagree with how people would actually act.  I believe that when things get really bad everyone is more likely to be all for themselves and unconcerned with how their neighbors are getting on.   They will be too worried about how their family will survive and that’s when the fight or flight mode kicks in.   You will do anything to ensure that your family makes it no matter the cost.

With watching the show it doesn’t really change how I have already been thinking it just reaffirms what I believe.