Week 1: Steven Allen


Media Literacy

For this assignment, I had decided to watch the TV show on A&E known as beyond scared straight. It’s a show about troubled teens going through jail programs, where they are shown around jails in their county or city and come face to face with inmates as well as the officers that run the jail. Its show I’ve watched many times before, but each episode is different from the last and you get to see new teens as well as new problems that they need to fix. Before I watched it for the first time, I was pretty intrigued by it and the concept behind it, I knew going into it I was going to be seeing what a lot of kids are doing now a days, and that’s smoking pot, doing underage sex, breaking curfew, being in gangs and the most popular one just not listening to their parents and not caring about their actions. To me I’m glad a program like this got started, because I knew that a lot of teens and even kids are just not showing respect anymore, nor do they care about what they are doing to themselves and others that are around them.

It really shows you that we need to start doing this more often, making these teens see what can happen if they continue down this path they say they love ‘love’ or ‘I get such a thrill out of this’. When I started to watching it and seeing what some teens where doing and what others were doing, it in a way, really ticked me off. I say this because you see them laughing and smirking during the tour and how they act like such spoiled brats and telling their parents off. Some kids don’t even have parents or even a roof over their heads; they think life is some big joke and that there won’t be any consequences for their actions. But it’s during that time that they really get a wakeup call, as both the prisoners and deputies don’t take kindly to their behavior and give them a good taking to as well as show them what it’s like in prison. How you have to watch your back every single day and that you have to do what you are told, that includes getting up really early and not having your own private space. Something all teens don’t want to experience until they mature more and become adults.

Watching this show really makes me happy the way I am and how others are. Like being respectful and not getting caught up in the sex and drugs, that I actually want to do something with my life and become someone that’s successful and that has a family. I truly do believe we need more programs like this so teens know that their actions have consequences and that parents need to step up more on their kids, for them and I are the future generation of this world.