Week one assignement – Valentine

For this first week’s assignment, I thought about the shows I watch on a regular basis.   The first one that came to mind that has even the slightest impact on me is the a show called “Mountain Men”   It is a show which is based on a few men and their families living off the land in various parts of the country.   There is one who lives in Alaska, two who live in Montana, one in Maine, North Carolina, and New Mexico.   Every week as I get ready to turn the show one, I wonder why I still bother to watch it because it’s not something I will every be able to do, not because I wouldn’t survive, but because I’m too lazy to attempt to try it.   Even thinking this, I still sit down and watch the show, start to finish.   At the beginning of this season of the show, one of the men was being pressured by his children, who had long since moved away to the state of Florida, to give up the wild life, so to speak, and move to Florida to live the easy life.   The first thing I thought when I saw and heard what his children were trying to do was “how dare they just assume that because he’s older he should give up doing what he loves.”   Of course, I’ve noticed this a lot in our world these days, people seem to think that every older person has lost their intelligence and ability to live on their own and must be taken care of.   In the end of the first show this season, I had to smile, because the person telling this man to not give up his life, to stay in Montana, was HIS own mother.

So, although I wonder sometimes why I’m still watching this show, because I tell myself I hate reality shows, I still find myself rooting for all of these men to be able to survive, to thrive.   I guess it’s kind of ridiculous for someone to be sitting on the couch rooting for these guys, they’ve been doing this for years without all the hoopla of cameras following their every move.

By the end of every episode, I’ve told myself that I could do what they do, and then reminded myself that it takes lots of work to survive like they do, thus talking myself out of it.   I must have this discussion with myself two or three times before the end of every hour long episode.   Even though I know it’s not something I will ever try, it still manages to keep my attention week after week.   These men on this show have my admiration and respect for what they do.   Who knows, maybe one of these days, I will get a wild hair and decide to spend a few weeks living off the land, just to see if I can do it.   Of course, it will only be a few weeks as I like the comforts of my home and don’t plan to give it up.