Week 2: Steven Allen

The Benefits Of Media

                              Media, when asking about it, you get a bunch of different answers. Some will say the media is nothing but a place of corruption and lies; others will say it’s an outlet to let everybody know what’s happening in the world that we live in. In my experience, I find media to be somewhere in between, it can be good and bad at times. It really just depends on the watcher, because we don’t have to listen or what people say on T.V. or have to watch what they show on it. It’s a matter of opinions, but a committee is pushing congress to get stricter on the media because they are calling it a vast wasteland. To me, that is stretching it quite a bit, yes, there are things on T.V. that aren’t exactly saving the world and stuff. But it’s media, you have so much of it everywhere, there’s something important on, it’s a matter of finding it. What I wander though is what they mean by getting stricter on it, does that mean pulling programs and replacing them with different ones? Does it mean forcing us to watch something we don’t want to? Whatever it is, it’s pretty stupid.

I’ve been watching T.V. since I was a little kid, and yes it’s addicting. However though, it sheds light on things that we need to be aware of, whether the words we hear on them are true or altered, we know a crisis is happening somewhere in the world. We get commercials of awareness about cancer, helping animals out, what we as people can do to change the world even in the slightest bit. That’s one of the greatest things mass media has given us, it’s given us a look on the world 24/7 and because of that, more people are able to get insight on problems and will be able to help out in the way they feel is best. Another thing that’s good about this entire media, is that it gives an outlet for people to relax and enjoy, an outlet that entertains us and keeps some sane you could say. Now yes, there are programs that involve drug use and other things that aren’t exactly great for a small mind or any mind to watch unless it’s about the bad effects of them.

It also gets people to discuss matters, whether they be about political things or just everyday things in life. That’s a powerful thing if you think about it, because the smallest of story can gain worldwide recognition and then everybody will get involved in it, bringing light to something that may have just been lost in everything else that was happening at the time. Let’s so for example a story about a bombing in a small town or mall and at the bottom of the banner it says that a family of three was killed because of a break in. Though the bombing is headline at the moment, one person could notice that banner and talk about both the bombing and the family that was killed, that’s two stories that are getting covered instead of one. That could lead to people wanting to be more secure around the house and more. Having insight on anything is a powerful thing and everyone should be able to watch or talk about what they want to.

Most likely though, congress will take a vote or pole on such a case and we will have to see what happens, but it’s because of media that we get a say in such matters.