Week 1 Bridget Jensen

The movie that I have chosen to write my worldview and personal status on is Lone Surviver. This movie hit in the right spot, I never really had such an emotional state with a war movie. Before watching Lone Surviver I was thinking to my self, this is just going to be another war movie just like all the other ones. Sure I was a little interested but not as much as I would have been if it was a movie like transformers or a comedy. I was also thinking that this movie was going to be full of blood and gore as in any other war movie. What I didn’t know was the actual plot line or story behind the movie, therefore I was slightly in the dark about the whole thing. Being in the dark about the plot made me a little more interested then I would normally be as well as all the conversations about how great of a movie it had turned out to be.

After watching Lone Surviver I was very impressed and touch as well. The plot was laid out in a great way. My outlook on war movies changed completely, I never thought I could be so interested in something that was never really a thought in my mind before. I gained a new prospective on what the navy seals actually do and all they do for our country. How hard working they are as well as the many different special ops they preform to protect our country. I never actually felt okay with the fact of a family member or loved one being a part of the navy army etc. Im still not okay with it however I now have a new found respect and a new look on the life of a soldier. I was in so much shock ofter watching Lone Surviver, I couldn’t believe the outcome. The part that was the saddest and at the moment during the movie was how the others died. This was all so crazy while the movie was so amazing. To say the least after the movie my mind was blown with amazement.

Lone Surviver did change my view on the world in a big way under some areas. I was never really interested in what was going on around the world in other countries. This was just something that wasn’t really my concern or interested me. After watching this movie however that all changed, not to say I keep tabs on other countries but I have a different mind set on what should be viewed as something important for me to know. I now have a bigger interest in the full store of operation red wing which has opened up a new interest in other situations similar to Lone Surviver. I cannot say that this movie has impacted or change my life greatly however, I can say that it has opened up my mind to many different things I once had no interest in or thought much about.