Impact from media

I never really thought much about how the media could have had an impact on my life. To be honest I cannot really think of any time other than on 9/11. This had change my life in different ways than others, I was only eight years old at the time. Just like everyone else it had a huge impact on everything. Family school etc. something that would be continually talked about for years to come. I remember being in school at the time as they flipped on the local news to show everything that had been happening. I believe my mom was away on a work trip. I was so in shock at what had happened as worried as well. Although my mom wasn’t near the accident she still was away from her family. I have done papers on the subject as well as presentations. This is a part of media that will forever impact me as a individual as well as everyone else who experienced what had happened on that day 13 years ago.