Week 2 Discussion: Bookless Future?

Growing up, my teacher didn’t have to push reading unto us. I remember getting scolded by my sixth grade English teacher for trying to finish my book while she was attempting to instruct her class. My teachers growing up had to struggle to get our noses out of books! So, the idea that books are becoming less and less needed/wanted in the lives of our youth(this feeling weird being said considering I’m still youthful myself) almost breaks my heart. A world where our children don’t understand good and proper literature is a world where text such as Huck-Finn and Catcher In The Rye get buried in an old attic, never to be found again. Tales of the Spider Wick Chronicles won’t dance around the imaginations of 11 and  12 year-olds. A literature-less world is a world where history is bound to repeat itself, and the fresh minds are to be ravaged with garbage and little to no free will. The concept of   a book free world brings to images of a land where free thinking is at a low, and America believes everything their government and general media tells them, without doing any further investigation, or paint an opinion of their own.