Letter to Congress Assignment

Dear Congress,

I am writing this letter to you good people of the United States Congress to help persuade you that media can be a positive influence. I will be representing myself, as well as The Haveman Chronicle, the company that I work for. I would like to explain my viewpoints, if I may, on our mass media culture in the United States and it’s influence that it has had on me on a personal level, and in turn, on a societal level to others around me.

The media is all around us, more than ever before in our history as you know. I can wake up in the morning to my android smartphone alarm and read the big news headlines for the day on my Fox News and CNN News app’s push notifications. The news is on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on cable and it’s more accessible than it has ever been. I can see why some folks say that mass media can be a bad influence and a toxic machine, but I am here to say that not all mass media is negative. To call all mass media a “vast wasteland’ is a very broad and generalized statement to say, and an unfair one as well. For this reason, I do not agree with it because you cannot generalize opinions on something that has such far-reaching capabilities and effects. All too often, news outlets are becoming too political and the bias issue just gets thrown out in some networks.

I recently had a very positive experience with a piece of media that I feel will give it some very redeeming qualities that you can appreciate. First of all, when we talk about media, there is a very important question that must be answered; How does society benefit from the media experience itself? I think that the experience should be of some benefit in order to be considered good quality media, whether it be a movie or the 6 O’clock news. Just recently I watched a movie, not for the first time, and it was a very uplifting and motivational story. ‘A League of Their Own’ is an iconic movie about women’s softball during WWII. Since most of the men were overseas fighting in the war, Major League Baseball had to fold for a season and in its place came professional women’s softball! I love this movie because it has a lot of great messages within it. It covers women’s rights and the evolution that took place during this time period in the 1940’s in regards to women’s roles in society. I’m a history buff, so movies that portray history in an accurate way, I love watching them. This movie does an excellent job in giving its audience something that I think is a tremendous quality; the feeling of hope and motivation. Having both of these qualities is absolutely crucial to success in this world. I’m not saying that this movie has driven me to my success thus far, but I can say that this movie has attributed to some of my success and also to my overall respect for women. I have a tremendous respect for women and watching this movie at a very young age helped form that view.

It’s movies like this one that makes me believe that media isn’t all bad. Story telling is such an enormous part of our lives and I can’t imagine life without our media culture. I understand that not all media is good, but in general, you can find wholesome media that can uplift you and motivate you to be better. How can you then say that all media is a “vast wasteland’ if this is a true statement? Thank you for your time and consideration.