Week 2: Bridget Jensen

In this day and age we are living in a world were technology rules. Mass media is the easies and fastest way for someone to get information on an event happening in the world at that current time and/or the past as well. Take the news for example, each news company generally uses three-forms of media; television, newspapers or magazines, and the World Wide Web. While a lot of people say media is terrible it is corrupting our children, in a way they are not wrong however they aren’t completely correct either. Having smart phone available at most anytime need it always children and teens to learn about current event and news in their own way. This results in them actually reading and wanting to be apart of the world around them. There are down sides to having television everywhere because it does cause a lot of distractions and laziness to not only young teens but adults as well.

Looking back at the news aspect of mass media, news companies have every audience captured from young teens to adults. By using news papers and magazines it allows for adults who prefer not to use technology or just don’t use it by choice or knowledge and/or don’t have a television, still have the opportunity to be up on the current events around the world as well as locally. Those teenagers who prefer not to pick a news paper to read about the news or don’t particularly care to watch the news on television as most don’t, have their smart phones to catch their attention with advertised news events on Facebook, Internet sits or from the world of mouth of a friend. The news is an all around great example of how mass media is not all bad and can actually be helpful and used in an informational learning aspect.

Another example of mass media being helpful to the eyes of those who watch television is shows like Dirty Jobs or Extreme Makeover:  Home  Addition. The show Dirty Jobs is about letting the world know how some people have it worse than you in a way. This show helps people, well at least helped me appreciate what others do at their jobs. Not all jobs are easy, clean, rainbows and unicorns. There are some pretty nasty jobs out there that people do everyday to server the needs of others. Dirty Jobs is a great way to us mass media as a way to open up the eyes of theres to the world behind closed doors of crazy “Dirty Jobs.” Extreme  Makeover:  Home  Addition  is also another great example of mass media. This show opens the eyes of the world to those who are less fortunate  then others. There are so many different families out in the world who don’t have enough space in their homes for the size of their family or who have children with disabilities but don’t have the properly built house to accommodate for their disabilities. Extreme Makeover: Home Addition takes the time and effort to help out the less fortunate as well as show the world what they do in hopes that others will reach out and do the same. I think this show uses mass media in a great way, they help others as well as encourage others to do the same.

A world full of mass media and little to no books would not be entirely bad as there are still ways to encourage people to read news events as well as learn more things through the Internet which might have only been available in books at one time. I personally have grown to like reading as I have gotten older however, when I was younger and in school where they told you what you had to read that was were the children don’t like to read aspect come to be. If there was a more free rain on what we can read in school I believe less technology would be use or be a problem and more teens would look to using and free reading books.