Week 2 Danielle Atkins

I believe that mass media can be both good and bad just like anything in life. A company can use social media to get information about their company to the public. They can use it to share the business perspective and stay relevant in the public eye. You can use mass media to target global audiences. Depending on which kind of mass media you use you can reach specific target groups. With certain kind of media you can develop a loyal following, you already have the audience and don’t need to worry about how to catch their attention.

Just as with good things about mass media there are down sides as well. With mass media information can become misrepresented or not completely factual at the time. You can manipulate the minds of your audience and make them feel or believe what you want them to feel or believe at a certain time or at a specific event. Those reporting the information to the masses can be bias in the way they relay the information to the public by using their own opinions on the subject. Young people can be negatively influenced through media as can anybody. Information can get blow out of proportion and can create further unrest among the people. Certain kinds of mass media have short shelf lives and the information can become out of date.

For my current job we use mass media to get all kinds of information out to the students, faculty and staff of the university. We use the school newspaper, online newsletters, social media, posters and flyers. I believe we use mass media in a good way. We use it for educational purposes with clubs getting word out about their meetings and workshops that they are hosting around campus. We use it away from the educational side as a way for students to enjoy different events on campus outside of the classroom as a safe way to have fun while promoting school spirit.

I work for the Student Activities Office at the university and I am constantly using social media to get the word out about the different events we are hosting on campus throughout the school year. We always have to make sure we are compliant with university marketing policies; using the correct brands and logos in the right way. I also run our student social media pages; we have multiple Facebook groups, a Twitter along with Instagram. This allows us to post pictures to our followers that we have taken at our different events. I constantly hear that the different media types we are using are how the students, staff and faculty hear about what’s happening on and around campus.

If you use mass media for good, to keep people informed about the happenings is it a good thing. But if you use it to spread fear and misinform the public, you are using it for the wrong reasons. We haven’t had negative backlash from using mass media. Many people follow us on social medias, many students, faculty and staff read the school newspaper and everyone with a school email receives the online newsletter that keeps them informed.

I believe mass media and a great thing. Millions of people can be reached at once and be brought together through the purpose of one message. Mass media can be a very powerful tool if you know how to use it correctly. If you don’t use it correctly it can be your downfall. The thing about mass media is that it spreads information at the blink of an eye in most cases. Which means the spread of information is always happening and you can’t always control what information is being spread.