Week One Disscussion : Jerzy Ellanna

I know I’m a little late to this specific topic, but I wanted to write a quick blurb on “Media Impact”. When I was in the process of choosing my ┬átopic for the first assignment, I REALLY wanted to do it on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I quickly realized I didn’t have quite enough to say about Buffy, so I went another direction, luckily ┬ádiscussion gives me the perfect place to say what I wanted to.

Buffy doesn’t cause a extreme shift in my view of the world, it doesn’t cause me to really question anything about my life, at least not for the long term. But like other dark, supernatural shows, it does cause you to temporarily question what lurks in the shadows or around that corner. I can quickly rationalize my fears, but on multiple occasions I have been afraid of something after watching Buffy or any similar dark and creepy shows.

A good example of this effect is something that happened yesterday. I had a friend call me on her way home from a concert, she lived close enough to walk. It was late at night and she called because she was freaked out walking home alone as a young female, that part is understandable, but that’s not really what the problem was. My friend was paranoid because she had watched three seasons of Criminal Minds in three days. I realized we’re not always in control of our fears, viewing terrifying things makes people irrational, even for a short time.