Week 1 Isaac Rojas

I have always been the person who has wanted to stay on top of being physically fit and keep myself in a healthy life setting which I have thought I was accomplishing to an extent. The constant planning of meals and building time slots with scheduled specific food items along with a workout plan in which changed depending on the program I had built or what the final goal was to be. This was learned through years of constant sports and mixed martial arts from a young age up until I finished my personal training certification. The amount of knowledge that I have gained over the years has been vast and very effective through a field which is ever changing. I have always wanted to continue to learn more and more about training, bodybuilding, and nutrition which I had thought I kept up on pretty well, that is until I watched “Generation Iron”. This is a movie which is based around a group of professional body builders who have dedicated their lives to training and constant improving of the body and mind. The mind is one that is not always associated with training as many think that just anyone can pick up a weight and lift it over and over again but this is not the case. The fact is that the mind plays a huge part in the world of training as the brain controls everything and can effect the way in which ones’ body accepts the workouts and how motivated they will be in order to push themselves to the limits in order to continue day after day. In watching I came to realize that all the preparing and planning that I do and have done for a long time fall in comparison to what the body builders in the film are doing on a daily basis, but that was known already. What I did not foresee is the actual amount that just goes into a single day and the meticulous planning and setting of times in order to have this type of lifestyle. This is their job, meaning that this is how they make their money. Think about that, people have jobs and work for a set amount of hours in a day and have a max that is usually worked a week for their paycheck, and most having the person ending their day at the end of their shift and do not take work home. These people cannot do that and do not have the luxury of just not training or having “work” on their mind because if they let things slip and begin to lose endorsements and sponsorship for how they make money. Where we as “normal” people can workout and get big all while not necessarily having to cut many types of foods or having the ability to party or drink it up on the weekend while pigging out just because, they cannot. I enjoyed watching the film as it was an insight to the lifestyle and some struggles that these men and women go through in order to keep working as hard as they do continuously and nonstop for years upon years in order to achieve any type of popularity. Think about it, what is the first person that comes to mind when someone says bodybuilding? I would bet that most will say Arnold Schwarzenegger who was champ decades ago all while these new people are still just hoping to become as big as he did even though they are bigger in size and body type. There is always something new to learn from a different source and this one is worth a watch to give a little insight into a world that may be unknown to the common person.