Week One–Isaac Rojas Discussion

I am a Justice major and would have to say that the social media always plays into issues which plague the judgement of the people for the most part! There are many times which people do not agree with the justice departments but in many cases they are doing what each and every one of us have voted for and allowed them to do. The media has done a good job promoting the worst parts of cases and has helped this country demonstrate a downfall of its’ people. The media should not cause fear or be the leading cause for racial violence and hate towards other types of people because there is something real going on in the world in which the government is all to happy to cover as people are quick to band-wagon. Going through school has made it easy for me not to watch the news at face value or any grouping of news in general. I do have a drive to learn information but I will always rather the truth be put in my face then a bold face lie because people are not brave enough to handle the consequences.