Week 2- Isaac Rojas

When it comes to mass media as I have said in a previous post that in many ways it is not a helping source if it is controlled by those with money who wish to show what they want to their whim. That is not to say there are no good media sources out there in which tend to at least TRY to show truth to their knowledge or as they receive the information. The best part of which has come out to be a good thing in the media recently has been the publishing and openness of removing Ray Rice from the NFL due to his actions. This was something that finally was able to come forward and because the media was all over it the NFL could not hide the facts fast enough or attempt to cover it up as they always have. The NFL is notorious for harboring fugitives because they have always had the money and resources to keep it that way, however with the digital age coming into effect videos such as the one showing the beating of Rice’s girlfriend was released and became viral almost immediately. Were people upset with the decision? Sure. The fact still remains that he is a human living in the world we all must live in and abide by the rules set in place by those in powered positions. The fact that he was released from the season may just be the NFL’s way to cover their rear end but at the core it is truly something they did not want to do because revenue would be lost. It is a misconception most of the time that when people read into a single news source that claims to be non profit or pushed by someone that it really is not, but that has shown time and time again that even those who are “honest” usually have monetary backing which leads their head one way or another from time to time. These times are what makes the general public believe that all media is bad because there must be some money grubbing benefactor behind the reigns leading the news. As stated above this would put the NFL in the hot seat as it were because now they have no choice but to actually deal with the issue instead of sweeping it under the rug with their “out of sight, out of mind” attitude that has been kept for so long. I for one a very happy that the player was removed for the season and believe that a case hearing should be kept for the crime just as any average person in our society would have to deal with. The fact that these players and those around them have money in which they have put up or that they may lose should NOT matter. It has been said in many ways but justice is blind, meaning that it should not take into account the financial stature, race, religion or any other factors into account when dealing with the issue in a court of law. The punishment of this player is amazing because it is going to spread like wildfire within the organization. The NFL has always kept things at bay but with so many more players thinking they are above the law are coming to light as Adrian Peters did very shortly after the Ray Rice incident it will cause the NFL to be scrutinized more thoroughly in order to keep this law breaking behavior in check. These players are supposed to be role models to people around the world (if even that) and should lead by example in following the laws and being a good person as well as a strong athlete.