Week 3 Assignment – Jay Fulk

The mass media has been influenced by a large number of people, but Bill O’Reilly has a had a lasting impact that will forever live on. He is a Fox News anchor and contributor and is either widely loved or hated for his views. He’s a conservative person when it comes to politics and is highly critical of President Obama and his current administration. He has also voiced his displeasure over some of the actions of fellow Republican conservatives as well. He is highly controversial and seems to always be in conversations around the country that are politically fueled. His show is an interesting show to watch and he incorporates a few things within his normal show that bring in more viewers. One of them being his Talking Points memo. This is a time for him to talk about a current event topic that he feels needs some rehashing or explaining. It’s usually a hotly debated topic which comes with a few different opinions. You either love or hate Bill O’Reilly, who is also a published and accomplished author of a few best selling books. He has a wide reach in our current mass media culture and has a lot of influence in our society. I feel that he belongs in the Smithsonian because he is an iconic media figure and his name will live in forever long after he is dead and gone.