Week 3 Assignment: Bridget Jensen

Andy Rooney was a major media figure. He was a radio and television writer. Rooney was most well know for his broadcast on CBS news 60 minutes called “A few minutes with Andy Rooney.’ Rooney wrote television essays on strange but unique things he wrote about hotels, women, bridges etc. He won his first Emmy with his script for “Black History: Lost, Stolen, or Strayed.’ Rooney opened the peoples eyes to strange but Ext ordinary things. Andy Rooney’s segment “A few minutes with Andy Rooney,’ began as a summer replacement and turned into a permanent segment because of the ratings he received. Rooney offered ridicule on everyday issues and often included unusual lists such as types of milk. His segment soon became more political. Although he was best know for his segment on 60 minutes he was also a great writer behind the screen. He was a unique and interesting man who wasn’t afraid to express himself. He was and forever will be a great media figure to all with his appearance on television, through his books and writing skills. Andy Rooney caught they eye of everyone through his own interests by making them interesting to others as well. He deserves a place in the Smithsonian.