Week 5: Steven Allen

T.V., it’s always been a very fascinating thing ever since it came out in the early 1900’s to this very day. But to be able to make something that can automatically change to the show you like based on nothing more than your body language and vital signs, now that’s something you wouldn’t believe would or even could exist. But Honeycrisp inc. says that they have made something like that and I’m pretty amazed at soe thing like this and the reason why is that I think it will usher in a new era to both an old generation and a new generation that is still young or are being born at this very second. Think about it, right now the only thing that we can use to change a channel is a remote of some sort depending on the television. Now I know there are voice recognition software to, but this is a step up from that, you don’t even have to say anything.

The beauty of such device I think will allow for more freedom among programs and perhaps introduce new programs to the viewing world and it’s audience. Cause if you look at it from different view points, we as humans always change our behavioral patterns at the slightest thing that goes for our vital signs. We could be happy one second leading to the device to show us something up beat and well happy like a show about helping people and showing people talking about their life stories and such. But something could take us out of that happiness and make us angry or sad. Leading to the device to change channels at such a sign. Making it turn to a program with violence or a channel about depression or loss of people and people trying to deal with such h an impact on their lives.

Now people could see a major problem with that, cause e device would just keep changing every time you might have a swing mode or feel something different from what you were feeling just a second ago. This could just to aggression cause you are and are not in control of the programming, that it all depends on you holding that feeling down for a certain amount of time if you’re watching a program that you are really enjoying. I think it would be handy if the company incorporated something that allowed the consumer to be in control at all times, or at least try to. For example, give the consumer of the option if they want the device to read the signs and patterns or if they just want to use a remote control for it, now I know that may defeat the purpose of the device but it gives them the choice and doesn’t make them tied down. Or they could have it be voice automated to like some other things are because you don’t want your customer to be tied down to so etching that may annoy them. It’s true, that a person doesn’t have to buy it, they can pass on it and stick to something they are comfortable with.

But if they do buy it, you just got to have those options open. But I wander though, what they could do for it is that it reads your signs and it gives you a list of programs that have to do with what you’re feeling at the time and you could use your voice to tell it to turn to this programming which it will do in a split second and if you aren’t finding the program all that enjoyable to your satisfaction than you can tell it to exit which will bring you back to the previous screen you once were one. Something along those lines would be very interesting and gives more options to the viewer. Now I haven’t seen this device in action though so it could be doing all the things I listed above and I could be wrong. Either way you see it though, such a device is goign to revolutionize the way we watch our televisions and how we interact with them. Who knows, we will see in the future.