Week 5: Bridget Jensen

Im not sure if it really is a huge loss or if anything is lost when a store closes that doesn’t see that much business, therefore they’re not loosing much to begin with. I haven’t ever really notice stores closing in my area, yes there has been however they are small family run businesses that aren’t really popular because they aren’t a chain store. However, something like blockbuster closing is not necessarily a huge loss but still a loss to some. I think that it is cool and in a way important to have these little stores around for communities to enjoy. However most of the time when they close it’s not a big deal only to some people. I think that it honesty just depend on what kind of small store it is and how much community business they actually got. I have never experience a closing store affecting me but I know that it does affect some people in a big way. I remember when a movie store closed in Palmer, at first it kinda sucked because on occasion we would go get movies from there however shortly after red box opened up and it was no longer a problem. The reason little business like those close down is because new and improved businesses open up and take over that area of business.