Week 5: Bridget Jensen

With Honeycrisp, Inc announcing their breakthrough product that can read ones body language and vital signs to help determine their  favorite television programs could mean a whole new world of TV as well as the down side of laziness. With this new breakthrough product television is going to change completely, some shows are going to get more viewers than before and some are going to get less than before. Depending on what type of television show are most popular to the human body language and vital signs, different programming companies might see a major fall in ratings. Programs that people watch now because there is nothing else on would see a large drop in ratings and potentially be taken off the air. While other programs are sky rocketing on ratings and reviews. This program could also lead to less TV programs period. If there is a large number of people who watch say the same four TV programs then potentially the number of programs all together would drop from say 100 to 40 or 50 programs. There are so many different variables that go along with launching this new breakthrough product that to me it doesn’t even seem plausible to launch this product at all.

The new television shows would most likely look either the same or more of the reality type shows I would think. The reason I think that there would so many more reality TV shows is because it’s our guilty pleaser. People are embarrassed to admit to loving reality TV shows but it is the truth, those shows are something our brains crave. Its almost the ability to live through the shows as if we could live the way these people do on TV, it fulfills our little dreams and needs. The TV shows would also look a little more modern possible, I’m not really sure if the shows would change.

I personally believe this product is not  exactly going to be a good thing to bring into the world we live in today. There is so much that could potentially go wrong with the program itself let alone what it will do to people. The product could  completely miss read what the persons body language and vital signs are actually projecting towards the chosen program provide. Obviously there are always going to be potential problems with products such as these however this one seems particularly prone to problems. I also believe that this product would lead to a new level of laziness also well as more potential obesity. The reason why I think that obesity would soon become a problem because if this program works the way it says it will then there will never be a time when the product cannot find a program for one to watch on television. Which in turn will lead to couch potatoes as well as children rotting their minds with TV.

There is so much riding on this product to begin with, your mood can change quicker than you think. I could be sad about something and then my boyfriend makes me laugh for a few minutes, does this mean that the channel will change because of that short amount of laughter? Would this product just up and change channels right in the middle of a TV show because I either had a faster/slower heart rate or completely stopped watching it but wanted the background noise of that particular  show? The next concern would have to be is there a way to turn it off so you your self have control of the TV completely to choose the channel you want or will it always be choosing for you? There are once again so many things that could go wrong due to a slight change in your mood, body language, or vital signs. This program is set for failure if it were to ever actually be launched. Would there really be a market for this kind of product? I don’t think there would and I also am not sure so many people would want this product. They might try it out because it the newest coolest thing however most would probably find flaws or get fed up with the product and want their  money back. It would  not be successful in my book!