Week #5 Michael Kohnert

Week #5: Michael Kohnert
Honeycrisp’s new product would completely change the television watching experience for the consumer. Programming would be tailor made to match them specifically, and I’m sure this would leave them much more satisfied with their television viewing experience. Of course the real point behind the product is to make programming and advertising much more effective by targeting exclusively the people who actually want to view the media you’re putting out. For the first time advertisers would know exactly the kind of person who is watching the program, and the media they produce can be accurately aimed at that audience instead of trying to appeal to a larger more diverse audience.
The most obvious benefit that the television viewer will get is a one hundred percent satisfaction with the program they are viewing. Not only does the product pick a program that it knows that the individual is in the mood to watch, but the producers of that program can use this information about their audience to make the show more appealing to them. They can also use this information about the demographic they are targeting, and the shows they watch to make more similar shows ensuring that they will spend more time watching that channels programming. Because the audience would be so well understood, it is also possible that advertisements will be more useful to the television viewer as well, instead of getting bombarded with advertisements that are irrelevant to them they will be exposed to products and services that they are interested in. So, both the consumer and the marketer benefit greatly from a better understanding of the audience that is watching the programming.
This product makes advertising much easier and more effective. With such a thorough understanding of the audience they are targeting the advertisements are much less likely to fall on deaf or disinterested ears. I’d liken the current advertising strategy as a shotgun blast, trying to appeal to as many different kinds of people as possible to increase the odds that the audience will be interested in whatever is being advertised. The new product from Honeycrisp will enable advertisers to pick their target and fine tune their advertisements so that the effectiveness of the advertisement is much higher.
The future of television will be much more personal. Programming can be tailor made to the target audience through a much deeper understanding of what that audience wants, and who they are. The whole experience, both the actual show and the advertising will be more enjoyable and relevant to what the viewer wants. Markets will improve because of the better understanding of the consumer, and the ease of communication with their consumer base.