Week 5: Convergence and Reshaping

Honeycrisp, Inc.’s new breakthrough product may not be as brilliant as it’s appearing on paper. There’s no market or need for a product such as this. People enjoy the idea of free will, and the concept that they have the know what they want to watch and experience is too strong for a market like to ever come about. Our body language doesn’t always correctly determine our needs or wants. If the product were to measure and calculate the endorphins in our brains while we watched certain programing, then I could possibly see a market for this product and see a profit in the production. You know, despite the whole invasion of privacy and personal space thing…
If this product did have a market, it would make it easier to record data and obtain more accurate ratings. With a product such as this, television studios  would be able to narrow down certain shows and plot lines that are popular and favored among it’s audiences. Studios may even go into narrowcasting, if they find a pattern in times that certain shows are popular. Much like how it’s set up with primetime, and day time television. The difference being, that with this product, the data can tighten up the level of satisfaction from audiences. The ability to measure the differences in interest in certain region and parts of the country would be available, as well. For instance, shows that are popular in Alabama are not going to as popular in  New  York. The humor is kind of there, though, with the product in mind. Growing up in Alabama, I can only imagine emotions and tempers getting high when watching a football game, and the channel suddenly change. Then, tempers would get out of hand the program probably wouldn’t know what to do with itself. All it has a few angry southerners, who need to know if Alabama just made a touch down, and has Dr. Phil playing on screen. I mean, let’s just take a moment and laugh at the outcome when you use this product when watching Game of Thrones.  Honestly, I’m imagining a million different scenes where this product can go down hill real fast.
Not only those unintended consequences of this product, but the independent variable of watching programs with others- how would that pan out? It’s damn near impossible for manipulate others emotions, and not everyone develops the same emotions to a certain situation as other. What makes Daniel excited and happy could make Sarah upset and sad. First off, which viewer’s emotions will it take? After it chooses, someone is going to be unhappy with the channel change. This leading dissatisfaction with the product.
Another variable that needs to be taken into consideration, is the emotions the viewer may be feeling prior to watching their favorite program due to out side forces. If this product was the baby of television industry, it would hurt the industry financially.

One  would predict more interest  in psychology, and more psychologist being brought into the industry, as well. If a television studio wants to go with this program, and if it would adapt to use this program, a whole new need for psychologist would arise within the television industry. The need to dissect and understand the data that’s coming can create new jobs and opportunities for those who chose that career field. So on top of the financial hurt of this product, they financial need to hire those to help read data and translate it to what it means for television is there, as well.

Writers for television series would have to kick up their game, and we would probably see more provocative, and adrenaline-filled television shows and series. Some may argue the emotions already get high when watching their favorite show, and that they get so invested in the story line and the plot twist, that one bad episode could affect their entire week. If the ratings depended on the body language and emotions the viewers feel at the time of viewing, we would see a spike in action.
We would see a large outcome of extremely adrenaline induced pieces being put on air, just to keep up with the new method of rating that would come with this product.

We would also see more channels with narrowcasting, to keep up with the demand of certain entertainment and to have a variety of shows to match the variety of emotions viewers feel.