Week 5 Danielle Atkins

With this break through technology entering the market, the world of television watching will be forever changed. No more fighting over the remote, it will now be a battle of the minds and body language. Which of your minds is stronger, who will win out?

This technology isn’t as new as one might be lead to believe. There are already headphones that will read you brain waves and determine the best song for your mood. This kind of technology is amazing and will change the ways we control the different daily tasks we complete.

You will never need to worry about where the remote is or wasting time with endless channel surfing until you find the perfect program so suit your tastes.

This kind of technology will change the television world forever. Imagine the kind of data that these televisions would be able to produce. This data can be used to determine the future of which different television shows will be offered. Television networks will be able to fine-tune their programming to what audiences actually want to watch. There will be the possibility of wasting less money on television shows that will fail or end sooner that the season was anticipated.

This kind of technology can change the way the service industry is run. Imagine all the different areas that this technology can be applied to. Once you have conquered the television aspect you can move onto marketing. Clients are just sitting at home late at night and their television senses that they really wish they had a certain pair of boots…BOOM channel changed to late night shopping for boots. Applying this technology towards the shopping industry could be a huge impact to the economy.

You’ve now conquered the shopping area; how are you going to get these products to your clients? You could partner with Amazon and their drone delivery service, which would open up new avenues of revenue for your business.

Downsides to this kind of technology could mean that people will become less comfortable with things that they don’t choose. They will have become accustomed to certain expectation of how they like to be entertained. They will expect the simplicity and ease that comes with the auto-tuning of the television channels. You will no longer need or want to communicate with those outside of your interest groups. I don’t believe this kind of technology will necessarily take away from face to face relationships; this is more about personal feelings and what kind of entertainment you enjoy and are looking for.

I wonder, for groups of people watching television together, how will a selection be made? Will the television read everyone’s body language and vital signs and compile choices based on everyone’s preferences? Will a list of choices be given that the group can choose from or will the owner of the television be the only one with control of selection?

What will be the limits of this technology? How often will the television change with your mood? Will there be certain steps to be taken for the television to scan your body language and vital signs? Will you always have to be scanned so to speak to change the channel or can you turn off that selection and use manual control?

I think there are positives and negatives for this kind of technology just like anything out there. It is all a matter of function and how to process.