Week 5- Isaac Rojas

Television for the longest time has been a way for people to not only be able to get information and entertain themselves but also as a way to simply fill time or veg out when it is a lazy day. There are times when a person will plop down in the afternoon after a long day with some food and drinks to just escape from everything for a while. Part of the fun and getting to see new things on TV is channel surfing which can allow people to find new shows to watch or see a new type of movie they may not have heard of and even come across a great documentary. Word of mouth and advertising is the biggest way for people to start watching shows, movies, and certain channels but that will only cover a smaller spectrum as those who can afford the ad time and better promoting may make it easier to get out to a greater amount of people to watch. Today TV is starting to become watched less and less for entertainment purposes as it is beginning to be replaced with things such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and other online streaming programs. This seemed to be the start of what Honeycrisp Inc. has done with their new software. These programs are made to monitor what each person watches and tailor the programs which are seen immediately on their “lists” as to attempt to have similar programs. The difference with the way in which this new style of reading people is that it will read body language and vitals of the person or people watching. The way in which this would be working is based on the general idea of people having similar body functions for letting it be known that one is enjoying or disliking a program. Needless to say this software is going to make it pretty awesome when it comes to those nights where you are not sure what to watch. Being able to take a seat and see the TV while waiting to allow the technology to work and pick something that fits into ones own personal preferences. This will take some of the hassle out of actually searching for something to put on but at the same time this will make you have the same type of programming constantly without much room for branching out. This sort of watching will make good for those people who are set on watching a certain type of programming and having the selection a little more narrowed but for those out there which like to branch out and try new shows or different types of movies may have a harder time if only using this system. The software is a great invention and will make things easier for people but the issue of interference comes to mind. While it is true that ¬†Honeycrisp, Inc. can find commonalities within each person’s body language it is impossible to have it consistent at all times as people sit, stand or even lay down while watching whatever they want. This would have to call for a type of camera to watch the person as they watch the TV but how would the camera visualize body language while the person is under a blanket? This is where the vital signs would have to come into play which in itself could be a helping factor or pull from the software. People have serious moods and can be emotionally drawn into something that they are watching which would change the vitals by a lot. I would question if the system can differentiate from the emotional change of a person not liking a type of show or movie from those feelings of being upset at a movie because of the event it is portraying. People may watch things alone but there are those that watch with groups and will the person who lives in the house going to be the only one watched? I can say that being in college there are times when you have people over and distractions may cause the viewing to be interrupted but vitals rise anyhow. There are those out there who are always accepting of things that make it easier and take the effort out of things who want a system such as this, but there are those out there who would still prefer to find what they want to watch by themselves. The biggest issue that may up rise in releasing the system is the fact that the whole thought behind it is that the equipment watches the person the entire time in their home.