Week 7: Steven Allen

Me personally, I don’t think we should fire the DJ’s nor make a playlist for every station. The reason being is that if we do that, we are going to start hearing the same songs over and over again, now I realize that happens even now from time to time but they do it in a way where they could play it in the morning and then in the late afternoon. Besides, with DJ’s you always wander what they are going to do and produce as well, they make the listener get pumped up for what they may play next and though people may not like that idea, there are a lot of people who like to listen to DJ’s and stuff. Would it cost more money not to have them, I can’t really say for sure, but the radio is like the internet, people surf all across it and find new things as well as people and like the internet, the radio is a place where we can enjoy the music we love and just have a great time riding to our destination.