Week 8 Discussion

My question is how unattractive are we talking about? The term ‘unattractive’ can mean very different things to different people. A girl that I deem beautiful may not be seen that way by someone else. So, I am going to go off the premise that the older, more experienced anchor is unattractive to my standards. Thinking this way, I would have to say that my choice for the new anchor position would be the new attractive  college graduate. I think that appearance makes a huge difference in television and its subsequent ratings. I watch  Fox News  from time to time,  and I tend to watch more of Megyn Kelly than Bill O’Rielly. Now, looks isn’t absolutely everything when it comes to choosing a news anchor. I do think that experience and bravado means a lot as well. By choosing the younger college graduate, I am basing my choice on a few things in this scenario; First, she has a college degree and is a well educated young women. Secondly, she is a confident and attractive person for on air work. Thirdly, I am also basing my choice on the fact that the other candidate is just too unattractive to outweigh her other positives. One final aspect that tips the scales towards the younger candidate is that she could give the network more time because she is just starting out in her career. The older candidate may want to retire sooner, where we would be looking for another  anchor once again. I choose the younger more attractive college graduate to be our new anchor.