Week 8: Discussion

Obviously, every action has a trade-off. If I order pizza for dinner, the trade-off is the possibility of ordering something else for dinner. We find ourselves in the same situation here at “The Haveman.” What are the pros of the older, more experienced anchor? Well, to start off with, she is experienced in journalism. There is a lot to say about someone who knows their way around media, rhetoric, and effective speech. Many people almost can’t help but listen to a fluent speaker because they know how to pull an audience in. If the anchor is doing her own research, not simply reading a teleprompter, I think the experience that comes with her would be invaluable. She knows the tricks of the trade when it comes to getting a story, how to communicate with interviewees, and is able to put it all together into a factual and coherent piece that is worth showing.

The young, possible anchor also has some positives going for her. Being the vibrant, beautiful lady that she is, she could bring a new “freshness” to our program. We live in an aesthetic culture and looks mean a lot. A person who is nice looking and confident will, more times than not, be taken more seriously and given more respect (despite what they have to say) compared to an unattractive person. For example, attractive women have more doors held open for them than unattractive women. By no means am I saying this is right (I actually think all women should be respected in the same way), but it is true and it cannot be denied. This young lady that we may possibly hire, however, has little experience in how an actual newsroom works. Are we going to simply throw her into the job with no training whatsoever? Or will she shadow an experienced staff member for a short time to learn the ropes? If the latter is true, I would recommend going with the younger anchor. That way she can be with us for a longer period of time and still have the potential to be that experienced news reporter we want.

So, although she meets all the requirements, the older anchor would not be able to stay with us as long as the younger one. That means we’d be going through this exact same process all over again in the future – spending money and time (two things I doubt we have extra of) in order to fill the position. Also, I believe more people would watch our show if there was a more attractive anchor solely based on her looks – that’s just who we are as a culture. She could learn quickly and I think would be a great asset to the team. Is it discrimination? No, it’s choosing the best choice for our company in order to maximize profits. Any business would do what is in their best interest, so should we if we want to stay afloat.