Week 8: Jasmine Dierenfield

As much as I’d like to say we should hire the veteran, I think we should go with the fresh out of college girl. I have several points for this. I’m a communications major and a journalism minor, and I know that finding a job when I get out of college isn’t going to be a piece of cake. I’ll be competing against top comm/jrn experts who have been in the field for years. It isn’t easy to establish a presence, so I think we should give this girl a shot. If we don’t hire her because she’s less experienced in real life situations compared to the veteran, then how is she supposed to get any experience? You might think, if we don’t give her a job, somebody else will. Yes, unless they think along the same lines as we are. I think, as long as she seems to have major potential, we should go for it.

Supposing she does have potential, there are a lot of things she could bring to the table. As technology advances, so does our culture. The younger generation, our generation, the ones who are just emerging from college, are the most trained both by personal experience (because this is the world in which we grew into) and by educational institutions (because our college education was more up to date on the current culture of the world). She could be just what we need.

On the terms of attractiveness, I don’t think that it would affect too much. Honestly, I would rather have an unattractive anchor who delivers a breathtaking, intriguing story rather than an attractive anchor who delivers a mediocre story and is only paid attention to because of his/her/their attractiveness. Our text states that the news folk “have an obligation to attract a large number of people so their station or network is profitable” (p 204). Yes, attractive anchors might get us more viewers. But I think hiring the attractive woman over the unattractive woman based on looks alone would be completely shallow of us. In a world where ethics seem to be a slippery slope, I think that if she fits the description I relayed in my first two paragraphs, we should hire her. If she doesn’t, then we shouldn’t.