Week 8: Tania Winston

These two choices are hard, because the wrong choice would impact our audience, the ratings of our news show, and the image we wish to portray. If we are strictly discussing sacrificing intelligence for appearance, then I believe we need to choose the veteran journalist. We could potentially run into a few problems with an anchor straight out of college, especially if the only thing going for her is her looks. Though nowadays, with the introduction of HDTV, personal image is seen as crucial for a consistent and increasing fan-base. However, the news and its content is more important for our show then popular conceptions.
By having a veteran journalist, regardless of what she looks like, we know we have a seasoned and experienced reporter; one who knows and understands the who, what, where, why, and how’s of investigative reporting. She would already have a network of sources to rely upon for information, and also know how to attain more. Having a veteran on board would also improve the quality of our news, by lessening the chance of beginner’s mistakes and errors.
If we were to hire the younger woman, we run the risk of losing our viewers by the inexperienced reporting, mistakes on citing sources, and any other errors that can happen when someone is inexperienced. Hiring her based upon her image, potentially sacrificing the journalistic quality of our reporting, would be the fastest way to lose viewers. Would we then have to lower ourselves to stage reports and news casts in order to keep them?
The veteran is the way the optimal choice. Though she may not be a looker, if she provides the reporting we need to keep our audience informed, then they will stay loyal, seeking more of the first-rate broadcasting we are offering, making her appearance a non factor.