Week 9: Steven Allen

The greatest mass media invention I think is the computer. I mean with the computer so much has happened and so much had advanced for us. Take for example thanks to the computer we now have internet and as we have seen the internet has connected so many people around the world and so much knowledge has been passed around. Now there are flaws to it of course but everything has a flaw to it soe more than others. I think it’s just all in the user, I mean yes people say rude things to other people on the internet they make it a shield for them it’s just no matter what there will be good and bad. The good out weighs the bad in cases like this one, the internees done so much for everyone and they are making it so everyone can use it or can go somewhere and use it for free. It’s soe thing wee have all become accustomed to and when something can grab millions of people, it’s something worth mentioning.