Week 9: Steven Allen (Assignment)

The media, is it possible to tell what the truth is and isn’t? It seems that kind of thing is getting harder and harder every time you turn on the TV or listen to the radio. The media has a tendency to change things around, perhaps turning a story about a kid defending himself from the police to a story about the kid assaulting the police officer. Or turning a story about protestors who only held up signs and shouted their opinions to a story about them hating and persecuting the ones they were protesting, saying one protestor threw a punch when there is no evidence supporting it. In a way, it’s so the companies or news stations can grab views for their channels but also because perhaps the government has paid them off to hide certain things from us the public. Perhaps to stop wide spread panic or to keep us under control like animals.

It’s pretty crazy if you think about it, and in reality how can we distinguish what we are hearing is in fact the truth or some sort of altered truth. Well, we can try and find facts behind the scenario, and try to track down every video or sight reporting on the incident, see if they coincide with another and if they do, perhaps it is true of what they say. One big thing, people question is when the white house addresses something, you can see when the representatives are dodging questions asked by the press there, now I don’t watch a lot of news but I do know enough when they could be lying or not saying everything. Like let’s take a look at the current Isis incident or heck even the Ebola outbreak that is happening right now. I once heard that the governments were taking extra precautions on keeping the virus contained, like keeping the people quatrain and having people wear suits with gloves and more to keep them from getting infected. Soon though news outlets like Fox reported that such measures were hardly taken, that the people that went in were poorly trained and were hardly protected by the virus and that how can they keep tabs on the sick when in fact the virus doesn’t start showing symptoms until three weeks in.

That they should check up on people who they believe are sick every couple of days to be extra safe, cause now there is a person infected in New York City. Or a case that involved a murder, white on black crime to be exact. You hear some news reporter’s talk about it being a racial case and blow it all out of proportion, when in fact it had nothing to do with race and was just a murder that unfortunately happened, that’s the stations paying the reporter to say such things, cause it’s all about getting attention and putting out things that aren’t all that true, so you have to be careful on what you hear always.