Valentine Week five assignment

I think if there is something like this out there and it works, it’s going to mean a lot of the same thing on tv as there is now.   I saw where one of my classmates said there will a lot more reality tv shows, and unfortunately, while my brain doesn’t crave them, I hear people talking about them all the time.   My classmate is correct.   It will make for an interesting development to see what the masses want, how the powers that be will react and what kind of shows will show up on television with this new invention.   I know what kind of shows I like, I’ve heard what kind of shows my peers like, and it will be intriguing to see which wins out.   I think it will come down to which classification has more interest because even with a device that reads body language and can tell what type of shows you’ll like just by that, it doesn’t mean you’ll see them on television anytime soon unless a huge part of the viewing audience also watches the same thing.   I like to think I have diverse tastes and very few people have the same.   I know I’m fooling myself when it comes to that because if I were just one of a few with my tastes, the shows I watch wouldn’t be on the air for longer than a few episodes because there just wouldn’t be the ratings to keep it on the air.   I said earlier that my brain doesn’t crave the reality type shows, but sitting here writing this, my brain is going through the shows I watch and at least two of them I would classify as reality shows, Deadliest Catch and Mountain Men are two of my favorite shows and I can’t wait to watch each episode.   However, most of the shows I watch are more along the lines of drama, crime, and comedy.   There are some great shows on these days and hopefully with the invent of this new thing, they stay on the air because while I want to think I’m unique in the shows I watch, I hope I’m not.

I don’t think this will change the face of the programming offered on television too much, too many people like the same kind of show.   I think we may see more of the same type of show coming along, hopefully not too many more of those are reality shows, because with each new reality show, the theme gets worse and makes me question the direction humanity is moving in.   When did we because entertained by people, I think, who are disgusting, who will sell their children to the highest bidder, so to speak, and will do anything to keep their faces on television.   With these reality shows that some people love so much, like Big Brother and Survivor, it kind of makes me sad the lengths people will go to win a few bucks. These types of reality shows make me sad and I avoid them at all costs because while I knew there were people like that out there, I never wanted to smacked in the face with them.   If there must be reality shows, please show the ones where the participants aren’t constantly asked to make fools of themselves or each other.   Those who aren’t constantly stabbing each other in the back in order to move on to the next round.

All in all, I think this invention could be a good thing, as long as those who make the decision about what we have available to watch on tv actually pay attention to what is being transmitted.   If they do, then programming will get that much better.   If they don’t, then I guess we will be inundated with shows they think may catch on because of preliminary results.   In my opinion, it will be a wait and see game for at least a few more years until they learn how to use this correctly and how to interpret the data they receive correctly.   Hopefully, they will take the time to do that instead of going off of the first things they receive.   I’m keeping my fingers crossed and waiting to see.