Week 8 Anchor Woman– Valentine

While, I initially thought to go with the veteran woman journalist, I had to think about why I wanted to go this way.   I wanted to go with the veteran because she had more experience, probably wouldn’t make as many mistakes as the girl straight out of college would and probably had better ideas.   After thinking about it for a while, my opinion would be to go with the younger, more attractive girl, simply because it’s what the viewers would want, at least initially.   If after she was hired and proved to be clueless on what she was doing, the viewers would eventually want someone with more experience, better able to do their job.   You can always go back and hire the veteran reporter if the one straight out of college doesn’t work out.   Granted, you’d have to pay her more money, but you have always have the option….well, unless another station was smarter than you and snapped her up when she became available.