Week 9: Bridget Jensen

The big buzz on TV, in local newspapers, and in all different sorts of adds all over Alaska are swaying “facts” about elections. Mark Begich and Dan Sullivan’s faces are everywhere you turn, competing against each other for votes. Begich and Sullivan are manipulating the public to vote for them depending on who’s commercial or add you see, what or hear. Each candidate says things about the other through covert mass media in order to sway your vote towards them. Begich and Sullivan say terrible things about each other weather they are true or not it’s a simple strategy. They throw out “facts” to the public about the other candidate in order to make them selves seem like the better candidate for the position, bashing and pulling down their opponent. The biggest add that has made me personally want to sway my vote to Begich is the negative adds about Sullivan’s opinion towards abortion and birth control for women. These adds put a very clear message in my head weather true or not that Sullivan is trying to take away women’s rights towards their own bodies and what we do with them. There are all kinds of adds and commercials on TV, Pandora, the radio, mailed out to previous voters, etc., that is its almost impossible to believe what is really true however, this does sway so many people votes and opinions that there is not getting around it. I think that political adds and commercials are a great example of covert corporate influence in mass media, they are everywhere you turn.