Week 9 Assignment Danielle Atkins

Video news releases are meant to be misleading in nature, to shape public opinion towards a specific thought or idea. By airing a news release without disclosing the news release it is choosing to be misleading or to intentionally withhold information for the public for a specific reason.  Disclosures serve the purpose to warn the viewers about what they are about to watch; what kind of content that are about to be subjected to.

As a news channel they should have known better.   They are in the business of providing facts and information to the public.   With all the many news sources out there, it is hard to distinguish fact from fiction.   Every source will have a different view point, different information, a different perception to present to the public.   When a news source is being deceitful; withholding information such as new release from the public it can cause mass hysteria, confusion even outrage.   For example whenever there is a shooting involving police and someone who isn’t white there is always a huge uproar from the public and the media will play off the pain and misery of those impacted by the event.   Views are distorted and shaped in an ugly way. The truth of the event is lost amongst all the misleading information and news sources.

Video news releases have the purpose of influencing the public in mass amounts in very short amounts of time.   Public opinion will be swayed one way or another as quickly as possible.   This is the perfect way for corporations and organizations to influence the public.   There is no way to truly stop different sources from influencing opinions of the people.   Everyone just needs to gather all the information and process what they are understanding and make their decisions.