Week 9: Tania Winston

Tonight we look into the new car ad campaign generating quite a buzz among consumers and TV watchers alike from Lincoln Ford Motor Company for its new crossover vehicle, the MKC (Spencer). Featuring Matthew McConaughey, these commercials have captured the attention of audiences, news organizations, talk shows, and TV sitcoms. Why is there such a buzz over these commercials? I asked myself the same question. At first I believed I was watching a preview for an upcoming movie, starring Matthew McConaughey. In one particular commercial, the scene is set on a highway, and McConaughey is stopped in a vehicle by a bull blocking the road. The thoughts in his mind about what he would do and what would happen provide a running commentary for the commercial’s dialogue. Then he reverses and drives off, the MKC emblem on the back of the car becoming the focus, as the slogan, “Live in the moment’ ends the ad. Has this covert way of advertising their product worked on the mass media? Yes, it has. Lincoln’s ads have been talked about on news programs, like Good Morning America,and have been spoofed on different television programs, such as South Park, Saturday Night Live, and the Ellen Degeneres Show. This has only spread the popularity of the commercials, and has also spread the promotion of the MKC. By enlisting an A-list celebrity for a starring role in this movie-genre type ad, Lincoln has captured the attention of audiences within the first second by concealing it, and has held their attention until the end when the ad becomes apparent. How successful is this approach, and will Lincoln continue to utilize it in their future marketing schemes? Follow us for more updates on this story as we continue to investigate.

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