Week 10: Steven Allen

Where i see the new various media down the road, is that it will be every where in our lives. Like we are moving so fast we are integrating ourselves into the media, like say for example with virtual reality, you just put on a device over your eyes and it’s like your in the game itself adding a whole atmosphere to the gaming world and soon we will probably just be able to fully inter graze ourselves into our television sets. I just see a world where everybody is riding in floating cars, big televisions on all thei tall buildings telling everyone what’s happening in the world, heck we will probably have watches and more to where we just tap a button and a hologram will pop up and well give it commands to what we want it to do and more. Technology is good and it has done a lot for us but if we become technology itself well be so dependent on it we will do anything to have it that’s how I see the future so many great things but we slowly lose ourselves in it until we actually live and breath it everyday.